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Children Orthopedic Sandals Princepard Summer Corrective AFO Leather Shoes Arch Support for Kids with Thomas Sole Size EU 20-35

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  • Whether Plugged: YES
  • Shoes Length: 16cm,17cm,17.5cm,18cm,18.5cm,19cm,19.5cm,20cm,20.5cm
  • Feature: Breathable,Anti-Slippery
  • Fit: Fits true to size, take your normal size
  • Heel Type: Flat with
  • Decorations: Mixed Color
  • Sandal Type: Fashion Sandal
  • Heel Shape: Flat Heels
  • Leather Style: Printing Leather
  • Closure Type: Hook & Loop
  • Lining Material: Pig Leather
  • Upper Material: Leather
  • Outsole Material: TPR
  • Brand Name: PRINCE PARD
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • CN: Guangdong
  • Season: Summer
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Age Range: 25-36m,4-6y,7-12y
  • Department Name: Children
  • Color: red,navy,pink
  • Style: Arch Support
  • Description: Orthotic Sandals

Top Reasons to Wear Orthotic Sandals

When it comes to the summertime, many people are usually excited to get their feet into sandals. Sandals come in many different types and styles. What should concern you is the support that the sandals offer your feet or perhaps, rather, the lack of support!

Special details of orthopedic shoes:

1. Hard heel: Ensure that the child's foot is in the correct position, stabilize the ankle joint during walking, and prevent the development of orthopedic lesions in children.
2. Sufficient arch support: special elastic elements can prevent the occurrence of flat feet, support arches and ligaments, and make the muscles exercise well.
3. Thomas sole of the orthopedic shoe: the outer sole extends to the middle of the sole to better support the foot.
4. Flexible outsole – Elastic, with artificial physiology shallow layer, correctly distribute the load of the musculoskeletal system.
5. The soft edges in the background prevent the skin from rubbing during everyday long-term use.
6. The shock absorber system can relieve the impact of the heel area.
7. Two fasteners "Velcro" allow the use of shoes with different integrity feet.
8. Material – Premium Lether.

Do you child have these foot problems?

Children have different foot problems and need different shoes

Style1 :The space inside the shoe stays straight

Suitable for orthopedic:
1.Normal healthy feet growth
2.Flat Feet
3.valgus foot
4.tip toe walking
5.Slight in-toeing/pigeon gait,out-toe gait

Style 2: Outsole extend 6-8° curvature to the outside

Suitable for orthopedic:
1.Foot varus
2.Severe varus foot/clubfoot
3.Severe in-toeing/pigeon gait

Select size

Detailed size information can consult customer service

1.Stand barefoot, make sure your child's feet are straight.
2.The distance between the thumb and the heel is the length of the foot.
3.As know, if the child's foot length is 12.5cm, please add 1cm. This is the insole length 13.5cm you need.(12.5+1=13.5cm)

Please note: manual measurement, the error will about 0.5-1cm.

What are flat feet?

Flat feet in most children and adolescents are congenital, and some are acquired. Children's arches often develop between the ages of 4-6. The clinical manifestations of flat feet are mainly foot pain or discomfort when standing or walking for a long time, swelling and tenderness at the navicular tubercle, which must be relieved after rest. Later, it will develop into spastic flat feet and causes complications of osteoarthritis.

What is foot varus/foot valgus?

Hindfoot varus/valgus is a deformity caused by abnormal development of the levator muscles of the foot, accompanied by flat feet and collapse of the navicular bone, and the three-point connection of the midpoint of the calf, the center of the Achilles tendon, and the center of the calcaneus is formed. The gait is unsightly when walking, the feet are prone to fatigue and pain, and may also cause plantar fascia strain, bone spurs and other symptoms in the long run. In more severe cases, it can lead to joint pain and low back pain.

Refusal to twist the calcaneus

High-Dimensional Corrector Strengthens Fixation

Medial Longitudinal Arch 3D Printing Correction Pad Supports Foot Arch

1.Heel cup stabilizes the calcaneus
2.Righting the heel and foot, the large area is wrapped and fixed
3.Lateral navicular support prevents arch collapse and navicular protrusion.

Shoes informations

1.Refusal to twist the calcaneus
2.Eco-friendly arch support insole
3.Foot fit design
4.Professional orthopedic shoe sole
5.Easy to put on and take off


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Children Orthopedic Sandals Princepard Summer Corrective AFO Leather Shoes Arch Support for Kids with Thomas Sole Size EU 20-35
Children Orthopedic Sandals Princepard Summer Corrective AFO Leather Shoes Arch Support for Kids with Thomas Sole Size EU 20-35
83,29 90,78 
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